About me

Travelling has always been a passion for me. My writing started in 2005 when I began teaching English in Poland. At the same time I began writing newspaper articles and specialist articles for financial magazines.

This led me to write my first book for my students, a true story of growing up in the East End of London in the 1960’s.

After much research and references to my diary and photos, I wrote my first travelling book. This proved popular on Amazon so I decided to write the next, now there are four. They are now all compiled into one book.

In addition I have written many short exercise books for students who wish to improve their English, they have proved very popular indeed here in Warsaw as there is nothing else on the market remotely like it.

After the massive success of 50 Shades of Grey, I decided to read it to see why it was so popular. What a load of rubbish in my opinion, so rather than complain and do nothing, I wrote my own version. Secret Love.

Currently I am working on my next project, a crime story. This idea was inspired by a true event that happened to a friend who wanted to seek revenge on a policeman that gave him a lot of grief.

For a very low cost I think these books give readers hours of interesting reading and fun.